Wherever I look, I see the bountiful constructions,

Constructions, without the greenery surrounding it.

I see the parks where the trees continuously handshake,

They grow their branches utmost wide,

In search of other hand and hold tightly

Manifesting their love towards the other

With the fear of separation by these constructions.

They show their regret by shedding their leaves,

By which I seem, they are crying, crying like a person.

They look at the buildings and share empathy,

The empathy that their friend used to live years ago.

Instead of uprooting, they prefer to die of drying.

They get new leaves showing the regime of spring to see the ruthless uprooting,

Ruthless uprooting of their fellow being.

They see their end when their fellow being is uprooted.

But then, they show their love, the real love for the world,

But the world is busy not noticing the love.

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